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9 December 2014 Cooperation Dutch Waste Management

Recently talks have started with Peet de Bruijn, founder of the Dutch Waste Management initiative, to explore common interests in the sustainability field. The three focus areas of the internationally oriented Dutch Waste Management platform are waste, sustainable energy and water. As a lot of common ground was found, Climate Change and Change Management has decided to join this platform.

What’s new?

2 July 2015 Climate Mitigation in Spatial Plan Eemsmond

For the first time sustainability including climate change mitigation and transformation to a sustainable energy supply has been fully fledged incorporated in the guidelines for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for a spatial plan published by the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment. The spatial plan covers a region in the North of the Netherlands (Eemsmond) and includes two big sea harbours, 1 city and several villages, several big fossil fuelled powerplants and windfarms. So far, only effects of and mititgation measures for harmful emissions having clear legal thresholds were included in the Commission’s guidelines. Deducing a threshold concentration for CO2 from the widely accepted 2 degrees warming maximum the case was made to include CO2 emissions (and its mitigation) in the EIA for the Regional Spatial plan for the Eemsmond (“Structuurvisie Eemsmond-Delfzijl”).

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14 January 2015 First partner found in Poland

Tomasz Mirowski will help us explore and untap the potential of the Polish market. Next to his job at Skanska, where he is taking care of facility management and real estate management, he is eager to set his first steps in the sustainability business. Being born in Poland he will bring the necessary help in effectively communicating with Polish clients while helping us to understand their culture. The first meetings with him turned into working sessions and gave us both the belief the cooperation is going to work. Read more …

19 February 2016 GreenfieldCities Legally Founded

On 19 February 2016 Arie van Beek and his partner Joris Benninga, legally founded an organisation to create sustainable safe havens in the Middle East: The flow of refugees from war torn Syria seems to be at an all time high. Additional steady flows from Africa keep coming in where climate change effects are hitting hard on every day’s reality. It cannot be expected these flows will go back to a trickle in the future. With we want to set out a path to create sustainable cities in the Middle East with the refugees as its citizens. Read more ...

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